2014 Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

The Overdrive mountain bike is durable and very sturdy bike. The butted (6061-T6) aluminum body frame of the bike makes it light, extremely strong and reliable bike. It contains superior suspension forks of Suntour provide a vertical travel of 10 centimeters. The 29 inches diameter wheels make it easy to navigate over any large obstacle. The Tektro IO company disc brakes are adjusted to give immediate stop to the bike when required. It has quick shifters of Shimano (8 speeds) gear set which are proficient in providing an extra speed control to the bike. The double walled rims with strong tires enable you to ride anywhere.

Aluminum body with model 6061-T6 for durability; 100 millimeters full suspension fork; Shimano rear gears and quick shifters; having double wall rims for extra protection; Tektro disc brakes; high pressure wheels having Diameter 29 inches; padded, adjustable and comfortable seat; the primary color is red and black;
This bike has marvelous features with all the modern and high quality mountain bikes can be envisaged with. It provides an excellent speed control with good performance and durable adventure ride. The latest 6061-T6 type aluminum frame is the best light-weight bike frame and offers a reliable controlled ride to the riders. The geometry of the frame is deliberated to utterly fulfill the off road riding desires of professional riders. The large diameter wheels overcome the small, as well as large obstacles conveniently on any rough terrain and works well in all the weathers as large wheels contact objects with higher angle of attack and hence can roll over easily. It does not stick on the sand or mud rather leaves behind only trails of adventure. Those customers who have no knowledge of bikes can purchase this overdrive mountain bike with complete trust and start taking thrill of professional biking in no time as all the bike components are harmonized to perform perfectly well.
The double walled rims wholly maintain and improve the handling. The disc brake of the bike performs well at any speed and at any surface even coming down from a steep mountain slope. The brakes used in this bike are so powerful that at once stops the bike, when used. The firm adjustable seat of the bike is padded and tactically place over the frame to provide comfort to rider in any posture. Laden with all these features, overdrive is the best value for money in its class. With such value, quality and elite performance, it’s a perfect gift for a growing teen or a professional rider friend.
The bike is also useful for city ride at sharp turns and slow traffic. The color, shape and design of the bike are very impressive, appealing and give it a complete sporty look. It is dispatched in a box and requires a few minutes to assemble with the help of owner’s manual.

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