2014 Sorrento Mountain Bike (66.04 cm Wheel) by Diamondback Bicycles

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2014 Sorrento Mountain Bike (66.04 cm Wheel) by Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Mountain Bike is a high quality and skillfully designed bike. Its body frame is made up of Aluminum. The 66.04 cm (26 inches) wheel size provides more efficiency and comfort during the ride. It is latest model and has numerous superb features. It has a strong suspension forks with a maximum of 6 centimeters vertical travel limit. A stunningly designed handles gives a strong hold to the rider. The Tektro Brakes immediately stops the bike and secure the rider from fall or injury. It gives a handsome and comfortable ride with a padded seat and double covered paddles. In order to provide more comfort and maximum efficiency finger lever is adjusted tactically in the bike to control the speed. The thickness and power of the wheel gives more speed in a few press on. Importantly, Sorrento Mountain Bike has alloys rim with the double wall on it to protect the inner side of the rim from damage. The bike is available in different sizes as per the riding preferences and body height of the customers.


Sorrento Mountain Bike comes with the suspension forks with max vertical play of 6 centimeters; made up of butted Aluminum 6061-T6 body; Shimano Rear Derailleur with 7 speeds; alloy metal rims with double wall covering; Tektro Brakes made-up of alloy metal; easily adjustable three way finger levers. Review Sorrento Mountain Bike is the latest and highly sophisticated model of the series whose frame is made of a high quality thermal treated durable aluminum. Aluminum is a perfect material to make the bicycle feather-light so that the riders can enjoy a smooth and swift ride with very easily handling over the treacherous terrains. With superior buildup and extremely smooth gear shifting, this bike can be effectively ridden on trails, mountains, concrete roads, streets or dirt paths. Put appropriate peripheral and then it can also be used as a means of transportation or take it out for an exercise session. Used either way, the bike will give the rider a delightful and buoyancy experience. It can be assembled very easily and without any hassle with the help of accompanying owner’s manual. It can be transported effortlessly without any damage to any of its components. It is available in various beautiful and attractive shiny colors. With a wide pool of size choices among 5 various versions, rider with any physique will be happily satisfied. Being primarily an off roader, the bike needs a simple tune up after a long time of rides. Tuning is very easy and doesn’t involve any rocket science, rider just require applying adequate lubrication on tires and other mechanical parts of the bike. Loaded with all those wonderful features that any rider can expect, this best quality bike is affordable for any common rider. It is equally recommended for both entry level adults and for the expert/professional riders as well.

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