4MyCycle Bike Cover

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The 4MyCycle Bike Cover offers protection to your bicycle from sun, dust, snow or rain. It is sewn from a high quality polymer material layered with 210T PU to offer protection against diverse harsh weather condition for your bike. The material also protects your bikes from the damaging effects of harmful ultra violet ray with its UPF 50+ protection. This bike cover is also water proof and comes with release vents designed to disperse moisture and build-up of condensation when stored for long periods. Storage bags are included to allow for stowing the covers when not in use.


The 4MyCycle Bike Cover comes with the following features:

  • Offers complete protection from dust and water by utilizing polymer materials with special coating for water proofing thereby keeping your bike dry.  Meshed vents for air are incorporated to disperse condensation build-up and the fibre material is designed with prefect sealing from the outside making it dust proof.
  • Comes with UPF 50+ material for the fabric to offer protection against the harsh ultra violet rays. The seams are folded double, stitched twice and sealed with a heat tape to provide strength and durability. The fabric can be recycled and washing is easy. Just clean with mild soap and leave to drip.
  • Measurements are seventy eight inches long, forty four inches deep and twenty seven inches wide and these can accommodate most adult bike providing full covering to ground level.
  • Designed to withstand heavy winds and storms as the material is very tough and reinforced with a secure clasp and webbing that attaches firmly and won’t come off unless you remove it.
  • Comes with a storage bag to stow the covers when not in use.


The 4MyCycle Bike Cover is a very useful product that protects your bike against harsh weather, dust and water and comes very handing if you always store your bikes outside or for long term storage.

Before you order this cover, ensure you get the dimensions for your bike so that you will get the right cover that will extend on to the ground when used.

The straps are well made and they secure tightly without any fear of them coming off in strong winds.

This is definitely a recommended product for if you are planning to store your bike for long and still want it looking all clean and free from dust.

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