Abco Tech LED Bike Light

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The Abco Tech LED Bike Light is a high quality lighting solution that improves your safety when riding at nights or in low visibility conditions. This light offers a very bright beam of light, powered by LED bulbs rated at 1200 Lumens. It provides adequate lighting for up to six hours of uninterrupted beam. The LED’s are encased in a tough aluminium alloy material that is crafted to be tough and well secured while offering a water proof and weather resistance capabilities. Installation is very easy and it can be attached to any type of bike (children bike, street bike or mountain bike). You don’t even need any tools to install this product.


The Abco Tech LED Bike Light comes with the following features:

  • Constructed from a high quality and sturdy aluminium alloy material that has been selected to offer the best of premium features.
  • Provides a very bright beam of up to 1200 Lumens to improve vision and safety during operation in poor light situations with LED bulbs that’s provides six hours of light been constantly ON. It comes with a flashing setting for getting attention in daytime.
  • It comes designed in different beautiful colors for aesthetics and bundled with two free tail lights utilizing LED bulbs as well. It utilizes a quick release mechanism built with a tough silicone material to provide attachment and detachment options as well as a strap that is adjustable to fit varying bike types.
  • Can be used for many purposes such as camping, biking, hiking and other purposes where bright lighting condition may be needed.
  • Super easy installation requiring no tools.


This bike light offers enough brightness for navigating your way at nights or when visibility is bad. The lights will definitely get you noticed as they are blinding. It attaches safely and securely to your bike and simple adjustments to properly position the light to preferred areas as needed by the rider is super easy. The light that is mounted at the front operates with AAA batteries and three are needed. It comes with a flashing mode that works great. The light is not bulky and it offer zoom capabilities for either spreading the rays for focusing on a single spot. If you need the same illumination obtainable from a car, then the Abco Tech LED Bike Light offers the perfect lighting condition.

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