AOR Flashlights

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The AOR Flashlight is a unique headlight that gives a brighter illumination for easy navigation during poor lighting conditions. It is manufactured from a high quality aluminium material, compact, and very simple to install with no tools. It includes safety features and is water proof. The Lens utilizes that advanced focusing design.

These lights are powered by shock proof LED bulbs, which provides light beam for up to five hundred feet, offering superb long distance visibility, a higher life span, and utilizes a flash and zoom mode.


The AOR Flashlights comes with the following features:

  • A powerful headlight with a beam reaching as far as five hundred feet for better visibility. The light has a zoom function and operates with three adjustable brightness modes.
  • Light is very simple to attach and detach requiring no tools.
  • Comes with a free tail light to make you visible to the traffic behind.


The AOR Flashlights is a very decent light and performs a dual function of a flashlight as well as a bike mounted headlight. These lights shines very bright and always avoid pointing it at someone’s face because it can cause temporary blinding. The distance the beam covers is pretty far and shines your path very well. The body is constructed from tough materials that can withstand any handling.

The LED bulbs too are made from a high quality and shock proof material and they can be installed fast and easy without using any tools. Detaching from your bike is also an easy process.

A complimentary free tail light is added and this also allows for a better visibility.

This bike light is superb for the passionate biker, and can also be used for occasional purposes such as camping and strolling as a hand held flash light. For the price, it offers a great buy.

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