Bike Light on – Comes With FREE TAIL LIGHT

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The Bike light is one of the important accessories for your bike. It is reliable and provides excellent lighting experience for biking at night. Hand crafted with high quality military grade and water-proof materials, it offers a high quality and durable light that will never let you down. Most cycling accidents occur at night due to poor lighting conditions. Don’t become another death statistics. A quality light is good for every bike.


  • Constructed with LED Technology offering the brightest bike light. The flashlight is unique in its own world while offering durability and reliability on the road.
  • Forget about your tools as you won’t need them. The bike light can be attached to your bike without using any tools.
  • The bike light is compatible with Mountain, Kids and Street Bicycles.
  • Each bike light is hand crafted with high quality, water proof materials that are individually inspected and checked to ensure top quality. It offers quality and not quantity.
  • The front light is powered with three AAA batteries (not included) and is operated in three brightness modes; a slow flash, a lower intensity constant beam, and a high intensity beam. The rear light is powered with a button cell battery and can also be operated in three modes that you can cycle through; a constant on, slow flash, and fast flash mode.
  • The bike comes with a 10 year money back warranty covering defection and accidental damage; prove that you will definitely love your bike light.



The Brightest Bike Light is a very great and awesome bright light that is durable. It comes in a little box and the whole package offers a fantastic deal. It puts out so much super bright light and I will advise never to look into the lens when turning it on, as you’ll be seeing spots for hours.

The zoom feature is very lovely as the body of the light extends slightly to allow for a change in the light focus, so you can have either a narrow focused light beam to avoid blinding others when you need to see specifically the path in front of you or a broad beam of light and helps when trying to see afar into the distance.

The bracket clamps well onto the handlebars, and it’s super easy to install with little chance of it falling off when riding. Another nice touch surrounds the light is the red strip and based on the quality, dropped it a few times and had no issues. They also come packaged with a small rear light, enclosed in a sleeve that wraps around the bike frame. This too is very simple and easy to install on the bike. The whole setup feels extremely solid, and it performs well in actual use.

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