CLOUD-9 Comfort Gel Bike seat for Men

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This amazing product is manufactured with a foam material injected with gel to provide a comfortable and durable bike seat that conforms well to the shape of your body and soothes pressure exerted on tender parts in the groin area. It comes with a design that utilizes the anatomic relief technology, and suspension is provided by an elastomer spring for superb shock absorbing properties. The covering is made from a high quality and tough Lycra material that is all weather friendly. This comfy bike is specifically designed for males.


The CLOUD-9 Comfort Gel Bike seat for Men comes with the following features:

  • Measures at eleven inches long and width is a little above seven inches wide to accommodate bikers with slighter bigger than average backside.
  • Manufactured from a high quality foam material that has been impregnated with gel.
  • Utilizes the anatomic relief design for soothing numbness to the backside allowing for comfort during long rides.
  • Uses a suspension system incorporating  the Elastomer spring


The seat is very comfortable and tough. It is designed with a groove in the middle that runs lengthwise through the seat and this is wide enough to allow the balls to relax in a safe environment. The spring shocks does a good job of absorbing the impact from rough rides without necessarily affecting the tender parts and the Lycra outer covering protects the whole seat, and it is water proof and weather friendly.

However, this seat does not fully support the sit bones and the perineum area is subjected to more pressure. The pads for the sit bone are tilted downward making the middle of the seat the highest point, and this could be the major factor behind the pressure exerted on the perineum.

The double seams of the seat also looks like it was roughly made as it sometimes chaff in between the legs and most times, get stuck to your shorts.

Overall this product comes at an affordable price and delivers comfort and basic protection. If you are in the market for a cheap seat that offers the same level of comfort and protection as mid-range seats, then this product is for you.

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