Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

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This is another great multi-tool set from Crank Brothers. Just about any bolt nut or spoke can be adjusted with this tool set. It can be used to check and tighten spokes, components and accessories. It also comes with a practical and stylish tool flask with extra room for spare screws.


  • Includes 19 different Tools for multi-purpose task
  • Comes equipped with a Tool Flask for easy storage
  • Includes Two flathead and Two Philips Screwdrivers which comes handy when removing even small sized screws
  • A Universal Chain Tool for making chain repairs easier.
  • Four different Spoke Wrench Sizes for versatility.
  • Built with Aluminium Frame for lightweight and durability.



The Crank Brothers Bicycle Tool is an awesome bike tool. A little heavier than anticipated but the quality definitely shows. It doesn’t take up much room and fits perfectly in a saddle.

This multi bicycle tool has 2 different Philips and Flat Bladed Screwdrivers. It also has the usual sizes of Hex drivers and having all these sizes provides more options.

This tool is in the correct size and has all the required strength to carry out adjustments that are normally difficult. It comes with the same excellent quality which you can find in other Crank products.

The individual tools all perform very well and they provide enough tools to assemble an entire bike from its shipping crate with the addition of a 15mm wrench for the pedals.
One of the downsides to this tool is that the chain tool cannot stay closed on its own and flops open.

The chain tool should have been aligned so that when you tighten it up all the way you can fold it down and keep it together.
Aside this, the chain tool works perfectly for 5-8 speed chains.

The second issue is in the design of making a one piece tool with a universal chain. Due to this design, when you need to use just a particular tool, you are forced to turn the entire body of tool all around and also you have to deal with supporting the weight of the tool by just holding onto the small metal surface below the break. This is a bit difficult and heavy to twist all around.

Overall, the tool provides almost everything you need for most repairs while on the go. This is the best multi tool you can buy.


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