Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Axis Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Axis Mountain Bike


This is an eye catching bike available in the primary colors; black and silver. It is made up of aluminium frame (butted) which is very light yet strong and sturdy. It has a full suspensaion fork with the vertical travel of 8 centimeters. It gives stunning speed control; thanks to the 24 speed gear with the powerful and rapid shifters made by Shimano. The double walled wheels of the bike are very strong as they are made up of alloy material. Wheels are double walled to protect the bike and make it a heavy-duty and long lasting. The paddles are also made up of alloy to bear any paddling beating on all rough terrains. It has front disc brakes made by Tektro IO plus to provide an ultimate braking control even on high speeds or slopy terrains.

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Light weight aluminum frame (butted); Full suspension fork with SR Sun tour; also gives 8 centimeters quick vertical travel; 24 speed powerful gear by Shimano; Disc brakes by Tektro IO; double walled wheels made of Alloy; Alloy material paddles; Padded seat.
If you are looking for a mountain bike which is cheap and provides great value for your money, then the Diamondback Axis mountain bike is the right choice. It has got a very light Axis (27.5 inches) butted (Var: 6061-T6) Aluminium frame which provides a stunning ride on any terrain, and because of being light weight it quickly picks up speed without tiring you.
It has also got SR Sun tour (XCT: 27.5) suspensions fork with 80 centimeters of vertical travel for shock absorption which makes the ride smooth as silk. The 24-speed gear system by Shimano provides a wide range of gears to guarantee a great adventure expererience to riders.
It’s easy cycling and lightweight chassis intrigues you to ride the bike at high speed, keep that in mind, it’s designers gave it a superior braking power by adding IO Plus (mechanical type) disc brakes by Tektro with 6 inch rotors, paired with adjustable brake levers which makes this bike quite a safe one. And adding to the recipe is a perfectly adjustable saddle ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
It’s wheels are double walled alloy with stainless steel spokes (32 no.) which provide high ground clearance and superior grip, it’s uniquely made tread design help you maintain the necessary friction between tyre and ground for a safe and a comfortable journey whether dry or wet. This light yet strong bike contains alloy pedals with reflectors on them helping the car or bus drivers to spot you at night that is a great addition to your safety.
This bike can be easily be taken anywhere because of being ultra light, you can load it on a car roof take it to the beach or on a mountain it can be adapted to both the environments. It’s a great thing to do for adventure for any in city quick tour to quench the thirst of riders.

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