Diamondback Bicycles Clarity Performance Hybrid Bike for Girls

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The Clarity Performance Hybrid Bike for Girls from Diamondback Bicycles offers the best of both worlds as it is designed with the best features from a mountain bike engineered together with a hybrid performance bike to create the definitive machine. It rolls on a twenty four inches wheel that incorporates a smaller stand over height to the biker for confidence, comfort and adequate clearance to power up the bike. The frame is fabricated from a durable alloy that rides with ease and controllability, making the riding experience more fun.  This bike blends a lot of quality components including a seven speed gearing, one hundred and ssixty five millimetres crank, derailleur and cassette. It features a braking system that utilizes the linear pulling to achieve powerful stopping force.  A thirty two hole alloy rims and hubs allows for a durable and light wheel capable of taking on any surface. The seat comes padded and can be adjusted via micro-adjusters for a comfortable seating position.


The Clarity Performance Hybrid Bike for Girls comes with the following features:

  • A Clarity frame made from a light alloy material and comes with a replaceable hanger.
  • Twenty four inches wheel that rides well on any surface with low rolling resistance.
  • One hundred and sixty five alloy set with chain guards
  • Front and Rear Derailleurs with a seven speed Twist Shifters, all from Shimano
  • Seats can be adjusted for perfect seating position.
  • Linear pull braking system for coordinated and powerful braking force.


This bike come shipped partially assembled and fixing every component is straightforward. You can watch some videos on YouTube if you have any difficulty putting things together. The Clarity Performance Hybrid Bike for Girls is solid and tough yet light weight. The build quality is superb and it designed stylishly with appealing n attributes such a lovely pinkish paint job reminiscent of felinity. The derailleurs and shifters from Shimano work decently to provide a seamless gear changing operation. The shifters are the twist grip types and cannot be operated by the thumb. The seat is well padded for comfort and offers good dampening properties on streets and light trails. Ensure proper tire pressure (sixty five to seventy pounds per square inch) is maintained in the tire to prevent wearing them quickly and for more controllability. The treads are low profile making them ride well on pavement, trails and curbs as well. If you are looking for a bike that represents the feminine spirit, the Clarity Performance Hybrid Bike for Girls comes recommended.

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