Diamondback Bicycles Response XE Complete Mountain Bike

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Takes on trails, gravels, dirt paths and streets with ease on this awesome bike. It comes with the innovative Response XE system paird together with a suspension fork which takes on bumps and rough terrain without any problem. The frame is made from a strong aluminium material and comes with a twenty one speed gearing system that will deliver variety of speeds depending on rider’s preference and disc brakes that are mechanically operated to provide powerful stopping power.


The Diamondback Bicycles Response XE comes with the following features:

  • Durable frame made from aluminium with formed tubes to provide a tough and long lasting riding experience
  • Comes with the innovative sun tour suspension fork with one hundred millimeter travel to silently take on bumps and rough terrain.
  • Disc brakes manufactured by Tektro Novela and operated mechanically for a coordinated and efficient stopping power on all road surfaces.
  • Utilizes both rear and front derailleur together with efficient shifters all manufactured by Shimano together with a twenty one speed gearing system all working in conjunction for a smooth and seamless transmission.
  • Twenty six inches double walled wheels built to provide strength and flexibilty while offering low rolling resistance.


The Diamondback Bicycles Response XE is a very durable and efficient bike that delivers a fun biking experience. It comes partially assembled and for those with basic bike assembly knowledge should have no difficulty puttingnthe components together else it is advisable to get it fix and tuned up by a pro.

The shimano components that make up this bike works superbly and the suspension fork’s shock absorbing properties are good enough. The brakes are decent and the tires are very solid and rolls nicely with little resistance

Ensure you take the bicycle for a tune-up after few months as the cables for the shifters and brakes tend to become stretchy with use. The quality of this bike is adequate and the price is not too exorbitant. The frame is solid and light offering better handling and control

This MTB offers decent entry level product and for the price, it comes recommended for beginners who want to start exploring mountains and trails.

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