Diamondback Bicycles Sortie 1 Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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The Diamondback Bicycles Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a twenty nine wheeler off road beast that rides trails, whether downhill or uphill with relative ease. It offers an entry level knucklebox technology, a modern innovation designed to offer supreme comfort to bikers while taking on rough dirt paths. The knucklebox technology is the backbone of this bicycle and it consists of a suspension platform pivoted on four bars strategically placed to provide a lower leverage and in essence offering superior efficiency when pedalling. This means the knucklebox position on the bike frame ensures most of the riders weight is kept as close as possible to the bracket at the bottom translating to a lower center of gravity thereby allowing the rider to negotiate tight corners at acute angles without the fear of rolling over, as seen on sports cars. This system is paired with an awesome shock absorber that utilizes the CTD boost valve to take on any bump no matter the size without affecting the bike structure.


The Diamondback Bicycles Sortie 1 Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with the following features:

  • A high quality, military grade aluminum frame, fabricated with a hydro-formed tube and butted to provide toughness and solidity.
  • Sports the amazing KnuckleBox technology for the suspension which allows for stability when taking on tight spots and corners at sharp angles without fear of toppling over, by lowering the center of gravity.
  • Suspension fork utilizing the float CTD air mechanism and offering a massive one hundred and twenty millimeter travel allowance to offer smooth rides on rough terrain. It incorporates a fifteen millimeter quick release mechanism on the axle for adjusting the travel distance to suit your prefrence depending on terrain
  • Utilizes disc brakes from shimano that are hydraulically operated and works in conjunction with a one hundred and eighty millimeter front and one hundred and sixty millimeter rotors positioned at the rear to offer a powerful, controlled and efficient stopping power on diverse road surfaces.
  • Comes with a twenty seven speed gearing system and shifters, all components from shimano for a quiet and efficient gear changing operation.
  • Massive twenty nine inches wheels with better traction and low rolling resistance.


This bike comes partially assembled and ships with all the necessary tools needed to assemble everything in one piece. Assembly is straightforward and make sure the bike is properly tuned for better performance. It even comes with a pump for the shocks so that you can inflate both the rear and front suspension to the right pressure. Note that this is a full suspension bike with a massive travel distance of 120mm and another positioned midway down the frame and this works perfectly to allow smooth riding experience. The knucklebox technology is decent enough and allows for tighter turning angle.

This bike sports lots of features and offers a professional riding experience and if you are looking for an upgrade to a durable mountain bike, you should definitely consider this one.

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