Diamondback Sync R 24 Complete Bike

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The Diamondback Sync R 24 Complete Bike is a durable and performance driven product that offers superb handling and control and is designed for any condition of biking whether it’s for the trails, jumps and drops or for exploring mountains.

The frame is fabricated from sturdy aluminium of the 6061-series, the same material used by top end bike manufacturers, to offer durability at the same time lightweight.

Its offers superb controllability and the head tube is designed to be inclined at an angle to take on rough terrain at any speed with perfect stability. It allows the rider to be seated in an upright configuration thereby improving the rider’s visibility to oncoming traffic.


The Diamondback Sync R 24 Complete Bike comes with the following features:

  • A durable derailleur hanger made from a tough aluminium alloy and it is replaceable.
  • Massive twenty four inches wheel for controlled and precise handling with a geometry that supports low suspension.
  • A durable suspension fork made with the SR Sun tour technology that rides bumps with ease.
  • Utilizes a nine speed SRAM drivetrain and comes with cranks using the gravity step up method to provide a seamless and quiet gear change operation.
  • A heavy duty twenty four inches tire with superb traction and constructed to withstand any abuse.
  • Very strong alloy wheels sporting thirty two spokes per wheel for utmost durability and offering low rolling resistance.
  • Comes with a brake rotor sixed at one hundred and sixty millimetres.


The Diamondback Sync R 24 Complete Bike is an amazing bike for juniors and comes with numerous nice features out of the box.

It offers a whooping nine speed SRAM technology shifters and derailleurs that offer seamless and fast changing of gears. It comes with disc brakes that are operated with hydraulics to allow for quick and efficient braking power, operable with one finger. The derailleur comes with a hanger that is replaceable and it is tough to handle anything you throw at it.

This bike really exceeds the skill level of juniors and offers a great ride, total comfort and superb controllability.

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