Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro

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The Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro is a suspension system designed to function with double nest or single nest hammocks. This product provides an easy installation and a berth that is safe for lounging or sleeping. It comes fully adjustable and ensures your hammock hangs anywhere without the need for tying knots or the issue of worrying about weight of stubborn ropes.

This product weighs less than the previous model; however it provides the same weight carrying strength and comes with an increased length for more hanging options. Two of this slap-strap works together in pair to give you the advantage of utilizing the contact points that are spread over twenty feet apart.  The material is made from nylon that has been UV-treated and the nettings are strong enough to resist tears and wears and it doesn’t damage trees when fastened to trees.


The Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro comes with the following features:

  • Easy to install and remove in seconds
  • Easy to adjust
  • Tubular nettings made from nylon
  • Can support weights of up to four hundred pounds safely.
  • Does not damage trees.
  • Comes with multiple points for attachment enabling easy hammock set up.
  • Twenty four inches longer than previous model to enable it fit around big posts and trees.
  • Attaches easily attach to roof racks, trees or anything that is solid.
  • Straps compatible with different hammocks available.
  • Comes with two straps with each package.
  • Strap can support a combined weight of four hundred pounds.


The Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro is a convenient way to hang hammocks and relax. It is very flexible and attaches easily to post or trees of varying diameters and come with many loops for attachment of hooks.

The construction materials are made from durable nylon material and are well treated to prevent UV rays. They don’t stretch easily and will last really well with frequent use.

It comes very easy to install and remove without the hassle of dealing with complex knotting of ropes and other strappings.

This slap strap pro offers a convenient way to relax for a small price.

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