FOX Launch Pro Elbow Guard

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The FOX Launch Pro Elbow Guard offers a very safe level of protective features as they stand in between the ground and your elbow. They offer a fully articulated protection and are the best when it comes to fortification of the hard shell, yet, a soft shell is incorporated into the design to give you the greatest comfort level you can ever imagine. Durable material of neoprene that has been perforated is utilized in its construction to ensure it’s comfortable and flexible while offering at the same time, excellent ventilation to prevent overheating.

The elbow section of this guard is made with a plastic cup that is ergonomically designed to sit well according to your elbow’s shape. This cup is covered with fabric made from Kevlar for superb strength and sturdiness. Closures utilizing the hook and loop mechanism are wrapped round to enable an easy adjustment of pads so that they can hold firm to your arms perfectly. It comes with a sleek fit that is pre-curved to render the greatest comfort level when cycling.


The FOX Launch Pro Elbow Guard comes with the following features:

  • Comes with a hard shell that has been fortified to provide the ultimate protective solution for the elbows.
  • Utilizes neoprene material that is perforated for exceptional breathability and comfort.
  • Comes with a Kevlar fabric covered elbow cup made of plastic for protection to the elbow joint.
  • A hook and loop mechanism for closure that wraps round the glove for a perfect fit.
  • Utilizes an ergonomic pre-curved fit for a better performance while biking.


These elbow guard design is very simple and compact offering a sleek and tough protection to the elbows. It’s simple to wear, has a nice shape that conforms well to the geometry of the elbow and the fabric from which it is made looks tough, yet soft with the exception of the hard shells that is in the soft lining. This product is well vented, will not make the elbow sweaty and the adjusting mechanism works very well to give you a firmer as well as a comfortable fit.

The FOX Launch Pro Elbow Guard comes recommended for the adventurous biker and even casual ones because a fall on the elbow is really a painful experience. For a small investment, you can ride confident with the feeling that a simple fall will not discourage you from the thrills of biking.

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