Giro 2015 Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

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The Giro 2015 Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men offers superb comfort with a world class performance for leisurely and occasional riding footwear for trails. This footwear is put together by a group of pro bikers, shoe designers, biomechanics experts and last experts, utilizing their intellect to produce an amazing bike shoe.

The Giro carbide is strong and durable, yet light enough to offer the same level of comfort, customized fit, and sleek design that has become a trademark with Giro’s premium lines of shoes. The top part of this shoe is made from a high quality synthetic leather material that can be adjusted with three straps, wide enough to enable a precise and easy adjustment for a better fit. The foot-bed is made from a durable EVA material that is treated with antimicrobial elements for an enhanced odour-free comfort and fit, while the sole is made from a nylon that has been injected to assist in the instantaneous transfer of power from the foot to the pedals.

This shoe is an all-rounder and will fit whatever occasion it is utilized for, whether it is to upgrade your biking style to clip less, or you need replacements or alternatives, this product is tough, comfortable and rugged to accomplish the mission. It comes designed also with a support for the foot of the biker to allowing for sufficient flexing while pedalling.

The Giro 2015 Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men is more than a foot-wear; it’s an experience and a testimony to performance.

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The Giro 2015 Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men comes with the following features:

  • Utilizes the hook and loop method of closure.
  • Top material made from EVA, toughened nylon and synthetic leather.
  • Well-treaded for superb grip on to pedals when biking.
  • Compatible with two holed cleats for MTBs


This shoe is a very comfortable product with a nice fit and easy to wear for biking. It is treated with antimicrobial elements and this helps in eliminating germs and odours that comes from sweaty and dirty socks. The quality is decent and for the price, offers a bunch of features that makes it unique.

If you want a shoe that is styled for performance and comfort, and you are on a budget, then this product is the one for you.


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