Giro Mountain Bike Helmet

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The Giro Mountain Bike Helmet is a unique product that is designed with a low profile feature that provides a wider covering for the head and superb performance than what is normally obtainable with other conventional helmets. It has well positioned vents that are incorporated into the design to help dissipate heat especially at lower speeds experienced during climbs.

It features an in-mold shell constructed form a single piece for added resilience while maintaining a low weight and an in-form fit technology that enables you to make stable adjustments for a proper fit using just one hand so that you don’t get distracted while riding when making these adjustments.

The Giro Mountain Bike Helmet provides the perfect fusion of performance, durability and coverage for a longer trail biking experience.


The Giro Mountain Bike Helmet comes with the following features:

  • A perfect blend of performance, comfort, durability  and appropriate head coverage for prolonged trail riding.
  • An in-form fitting technology that makes adjustments for the right fit possible without getting distracted.
  • A sturdy and comfortable shell fabricated using an EPS liner embedded within an in-mold poly-carbonate.
  • Properly positioned and spaced twelve vents utilizing a channelling system on the inside for exceptional ventilation and heat control.
  • A moto-style visor that is easily adjustable.


The Giro Mountain Bike Helmet is a high quality, durable and fantastic MTB helmet that offers unrivalled protection to the head. It is well shaped, looks good on the outside with a low profile construction and doesn’t feel like you got a mushroom strapped to your head.

It comes attached with a superb visor that can be adjusted easily and it does its job very well especially in sunny conditions. The helmet offers a sturdy protection for the back of the head thereby offering close to the same protection as you would get from a full faced helmet.

The ventilation system of this helmet is not too perfect as more vents would have been adequate. It doesn’t come with lots of padding, the chin straps are not thick enough and the exterior material looks cheap. However, it sits very lightly without exerting much pressure on the head and it’s comfortable to wear.

The Giro Mountain Bike Helmet offers good value for money and with some of the protective features, it is sure a good helmet to consider.

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