Giro Rift Bike Helmet

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The Giro Rift Bike Helmet is a very durable helmet that is designed with modern protective features and comes with a premium look that is suitable for hardcore biking. It is built tough with an in-mold technology that blends an inner foam liner with awesome shock absorbing properties with an outer shell made of sturdy polycarbonate. This blend works together to provide adequate ventilation and it is a fact that helmets sporting this unique in-mold design offer better cooling than regular helmets plus they are lightweight. This cooling is achieved by strategically placed twenty four massive vents that suck in air.

Adjustment is accomplished on this bike in a very easy way by utilizing the Acu Dial technology which can be operated by one hand to ensure safe and fast adjustments. A sun visor is also attached to protect against sun glare and dust storms.


The Giro Rift Bike Helmet comes with the following features:

  • Designed with foam padding on the inside to provide excellent shock absorbing properties and an outer polycarbonate casing.
  • Utilizes a ventilation system with channelling on the inside that provides and efficiently distribute cool incoming air. The air when used passes through exit vents and are expelled out thereby providing a system of continuous air recirculation for better cooling effect.
  • Comes with a visor that is Snap-fit 2
  • Twenty four massive air vents properly spaced for better air circulation.
  • An Acu Dial fitment system that ensures a fast and proper fit is achieved via a fit band that can be operated with just one hand.


The Giro Rift Bike Helmet is a nice helmet that is well-built for the trail and mountain biker. It comes with enough padding on the inside and the vents are well located to allow for proper air distribution. It is comfortable to wear and does not feel heavy on the head. On the outside, the design looks sleek and the materials used will ensure it lasts very long with frequent usage.

For the safety conscious biker, this helmet will deliver basic protection to the head and for the price, offers a good buy.

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