GMC Top Kick Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension

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GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The bike comes in a striking color scheme of black and blue. This is a beautifully colored mountain bike specifically designed for serious off road biking. It is made up of full suspension aluminum frame. Its suspension design integrates floating beam attached with Zoom suspension fork along with elastomer/spring technology. It features rear derailleur (TZ-30GS) by Shimano assisted by micro shift type push shifters. The strong aluminum rims has profile in V- shape with high-flange hubs made up of alloy. It also contains high quality rear and front disc brakes by Promax. The adjustable padded seat is especially provisioned to provide comfort during off road biking.

Striking color scheme of black and blue; strong and durable full suspension aluminum frame bike; features floating beam attached with Zoom suspension fork and elastomer/spring; micro shifters coupled with rear derailleur (TZ-30GS) by Shimano; aluminum rims in V-shape profile; high-flange hubs of alloy material; Promax rear and front disc brakes; available in different sizes.
This bike is especially designed for those aggressive riders who want to ride on unpaved and untamed paths to satiate the deep desire of adventure. The aluminum full suspension frame body which provides ultimate control, handling and durability to the rider against any off road biking terrain. The pick of the bike so superb that rider can immediately feel the thrust delivered to the ground. It is the most powerful bike that can be conveniently rode over paved paths, rough terrains, dirt roads, mountainous or hilly areas and on concrete roads.
It features state of the art suspension design which integrates floating beam attached with the Zoom suspension fork along with elastomer/spring technology. This suspension technology comforts the rider on any sort of off road biking terrain and totally overcomes any obstacle or bump.
The bike features top of the line manufacturer of gearing sets; Shimano (TZ-30GS) rear derailleur paired with micro shift push type shifter for ultimate speed performance. Wheel sets comes with V-shaped rim profile and high-flange hubs of alloy material. Wheel sets as well as high pressure tires ensure a durable and finest off road biking experience. It has Promax rear and front disc brakes that work best in any condition. These powerful high quality disc brakes are very responsive and can quickly stop the bike at high speeds and rough terrains effortlessly and prevent the rider from fall.
The adjustable padded seat is put up to give smooth and comfortable ride. Furthermore, aluminum body makes the bike lighter and easy to lift so that it can be carried in a car. It offers many eye catching features that professional riders prefer to buy it among other premium off road biking options.
The bike is delivered in a packed box. Assembly is very simple and basic requiring to only attaching the front wheel, seat, pedals and handlebar. Everything else is preassembled. In 45 minutes you are good to go.

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