Granite Peak Mountain Bike, Magenta-Road master for Women

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The Granite Peak MTB is an all performance and superb bike that is built to be rugged and versatile for taking on rough terrain as well as urban transportation or casual runabout in your area. The suspension fork of the rugged beast grinds bumps with super ease while the tires are well treaded for adequate traction on any road surface. Multiple speed choice available from a whooping eighteen speed gearing operated by a rear derailleur from Shimano working in conjunction with twist shifters for the ultimate gear changing experience. The frame is stylishly crafted from steel to provide that tough yet easy ride while it sports alloy rims for excellent durability and control.


The Granite Peak Mountain Bike, Magenta-Road master for Women comes with the following features:

  • High quality frame made from steel for durability and toughness together with a suspension fork that takes on bumps with ease thereby increasing controllability.
  • Smooth gear changing operation powered by an eighteen speed rear derailleur from Shimano and operated by twist shifters.
  • Wider gearing range offered by a three piece crank set.
  • Durable alloy wheels for powerful and improved control.


This bike comes easy to assemble if you have basic bike assembly experience, otherwise for proper functioning, take it to an expert as they will tune it excellently for you.  The Granite Peak Mountain Bike rides well and offers an entry level solution for the feminine folk.

Every component on this bike- the shimano derailleurs, twist shifters, brakes, and the suspension fork works well without any delay, giving a precise and seamless cooperation for a better riding experience.

This bike comes loaded with the right features for the price, and if you are looking for a nice product to carry out occasional run-arounds, then this should top you list.

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