Huffy Bicycle Company Women’s 24334 Alpine Bike, Bubblegum Pink

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Huffy Bicycle Company Womens 24334 Alpine Bike, Bubblegum PinkThe striking bubblegum color scheme of red and white of the bike has made it very captivating. The frame of the bike is hardtail type and is made up of steel. It has twist type shifters of 18 speeds by Ernzo while 6 speed index type derailleur gears. The bike contains suspension forks (by Kolo) linear pull type brakes made up of steel. The bike contains an adjustable padded seat having stitched sides and a fastidious paddle. It is available in different sizes according to the height requirements of the riders.

Attractive and fabulous Bubblegum color scheme; hardtail type tough steel frame body; twist type shifters (18 speed) by Ernzo; 6-speed index type derailleur gears; Kolo suspension forks; linear pull type brakes of steel material; adjustable padded seat having stitched sides; alloy rims with knobby tires; available in different sizes; dimension of the bike is 63 inches x 23 inches x 39 inches.
Huffy is one of the renowned companies for making bicycles. Their products have wide range of choices including bikes for little kids, boys and girls and for women separately. This mountain bike is yet another innovative and great bicycle when talking in terms of technology and design.
This entry level Huffy Alpine bike is made up of steel frame (hardtail type) so that it can be tough and strong enough to prevent any damage during off road biking especially by beginners. This bike is especially designed for the women’s to make the bike riding learning easy for them.
Its 6 speed index type derailleur gears offers good acceleration with the combination of twist type shifters (18 speeds) by Ernzo, which helps in swift and smooth gear shifting. It also contains linear pull type brakes made up of steel to provide vital stoppage knack when required at high speeds. Efficient suspension forks by Kolo are added by competent designers to provide ease in ride during both high and low speed rides on tough and heavy terrains.
The 24 inch tire size in arrangement of alloy rims and knobby tires doesn’t get stuck in the sludge and hence gives a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. It also enables the bike to clearly pass the bumps and obstacle; small or large. The bike contains a padded seat having stitched sides which increase the comfort and safety of the rider and take away the fatigue due to long travelling. In a nutshell, this bike is the best value for money for amateur women bikers.
The bike is dispatched in a sealed box. But it takes few minutes to assemble the bike with the help of helping guide available in the box. It is recommended that for the first time after assembling the bike, all the components should be greased so that they can perform well for the longer time.

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