Huffy Granite Bike for Women

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Huffy Bicycle Company Womens 24514 Granite Bike

The hard tail frame of the bike is made up of steel which makes it a tough and solid bike that can’t be easily broken during off road biking. It has RSS (rigid sports series type) fork. It also contains 15 speeds drive train with index shifting. The bike is provided with linear pull type brakes made up of steel. It has an adjustable padded seat for comfort of the riders. It also contains alloy rims and bumper guards. The bike is available in different sizes according to the physique requirements of the riders.

Primary colour scheme is purple; solid hardtail type frame made up of steel; RSS fork; 15 speeds drive train; index shifting; linear pull type brakes of steel; alloy rims, padded seat; bumper guards; available in different sizes.
This bike is a very beautiful women’s bike with all the stunning design and superb colour features of an entry level bike. The purple colour scheme is decent enough to suit female riders of any age group. This bike has excellent features like a hardtail type frame made up of steel, Rigid Sports Series-RSS type fork, 15-speed drive train with index shifting, steel linear pull type brakes, padded seat and bumper guards.
The steel frame rides better than other frames of same range bikes and the benefits definitely balance the weight problems. The steel frame gives the rider a sturdy and durable ride and is generally more forgiving to the beating of off road biking. Steel frame combined with the rigid sports series-RSS type fork gives the rider a smoother ride that allows them to start picking more adventurous lines and help them sharpen their biking skills.
The 15 speeds drive train with index shifting gives the rider a good range of gears for any terrain. They are low enough for tough uphill rides and high enough to keep them paddling down inclines. While alloy rims are durable enough to take the beatings of any off road biking activity. When the speed gets too much on those inclines the rider will be satisfied to have the steel linear pull type brakes. These brakes provide strong braking capability with excellent modulation. Setting up the brakes has been described as ‘fool proof’, which means that the riders do not have to be an engineer to get it fixed while assembling.
Considering as this is purely a women’s bicycle the design of the seat has been given apt consideration as it is an important feature due to the different support and comfort requirements of women as compared to men’s bicycles. The padding has been placed slightly different than the men’s seat to distribute pressure from behind across the seat.
Overall this bicycle offer good quality at an affordable price. The bike is delivered packed but can be assembled easily by women with the help of guiding instructions from the owner’s manual. However, for a proper bike fit they might seek the services of a qualified bike fitter in the nearest bicycle retailer shop.

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