Huffy Granite Mountain Bike for Men

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Huffy Bicycle Company Mens 24504 Granite BikeHuffy men’s bike is a basic level mountain bike for men as well as boys. Its beautiful design is heightened by its elegant metallic red color scheme with bits of black pinches. The hardtail frame of the bike is made up of steel so that it can easily be ridden over tough mountains and uneven terrains. It also has rigid sports series (RSS) strong suspension forks and alloy rims. It also contains 15 speed gear system coupled with quick and easy shifters while pull type brake of this bike is made up of steel. It has easily adjustable padded seat with bumper guards. It is available in different sizes according to the height requirements of the riders.

Primary color scheme is metallic red and black; hardtail frame of steel material; rigid sports series (RSS) suspension forks; alloy rims; 15 speed gear system coupled with index type quick shifters; linear pull type brakes made up of steel; easily adjustable padded seat; bumper guards; available in different sizes; dimensions of the bike are 63 inches x 23 inches x 39 inches.
Huffy granite mountain bike is a BMX-style hardtail bike with the design features specifically premeditated for men riders. This mountain bike is a durable bike thanks to its steel frame crafted for durability. Being a 24 inch wheel size bike, it can support up to 250 ponds rider. Riders with less weight can surely enjoy their riding experience with the precision geometrical design of this mountain bike.
It is a standard bike that can be used by both beginners and expert riders for mountain biking as well as normal cycling activities. The 15 speed gear system coupled with index type quick shifters provide an amusing and smooth riding experience regardless of the biking path; rough, smooth or challenging. The rigid sports series (RSS) strong suspension forks along with 24 inch wheels and sturdy tires augment this excellent biking experience by overcoming and soaking up any bump or obstruction during the off road and adventure biking. Its alloy rims can take the beating of any adventure ride. Additionally, linear pull type brakes ensure good braking power at any speed. The brakes are also made up of steel, so they will not let down the riders during an emergency braking scenario.
It has easily adjustable padded seat alongside bumper guards for an added comfort and safety of the riders. The adjustable saddle caters the varying physique and height demands of the riders. The bike is well designed to accommodate the requirements of adults as well as growing boys. In fact it’s a perfect sixteenth (16th) birthday gift for any youngster.
With all these features and such a low price tag, it is undoubtedly the best choice for riders who are intending to commence the biking hobby. The bike is delivered packed and can be easily assembled with the help of owner’s manual.

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