Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit

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The Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit is an innovative product that’s built to offer superb features and an improved gear changing experience, backed with high quality components. This kit is designed with a housing made from Kevlar to offer a compression free and adequately lubricated liner for light lubes. This configuration makes the housing lighter by up to thirty percent without compromising the strength. It comes in a variety of eight colors for added aesthetics. Stainless steel cables that have been coated with Teflon are adequately lubricated using the L3 technology and this makes gliding through the casing very efficient, fast and responsive for a seamless gear changing experience.

This derailleur kit comes bundled with the following: 3 ferrules that are lined, 6 cabling donuts, 7 nosed ferrules, a raincoat boot, 2 cable tips and 2100mm length of liner for sealing. The cable at the front is sized lengthwise at fifteen hundred millimetres, while the rear is twenty one hundred millimetre. The length of the housing is eighteen hundred millimetres and this assembly can both be used with Shimano and SRAM derailleurs for mountain bikes.

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The Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur Kit comes with the following features:

  • Material is fabricated from a high quality steel material with a blend of Kevlar for durability.
  • The kit comes useful if you want an improved gear shifting experience on your bicycles.
  • This rig can be comfortable utilized with Shimano and SRAM derailleur for mountain bicycles.


The Jagwire Pro Mountain Derailleur rig offers advanced and improved components put together for a better gear changing feel. It offers a seamless experience when it comes to utilizing the various speeds designed for your bicycle. Installation is easy and straightforward and the cables that are coated with Teflon usher in an improvement in performance.

The housing for the unit is light and the bundled accessories are of high grade quality. They attach easily and function well with Shimano and SRAM products. It incorporates a technology that offers protection against bad weather by properly positioning the ferrules and some sleeves for proper functioning.

This however does not have a firm connection so dust and moisture might still penetrate the housing.

The derailleur boot comes only in one set and this will not withstand harsh sunlight.
Generally, they offer a better replacement to derailleurs and if you are looking to bring out more performance from your gearing system, this rig is absolutely recommended.

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