Jeep 29er – Comanche Mountain Bike (18.5 Inch, Satin Copper)

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Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike

It is a beautiful and uniquely designed bike with stunning orange color scheme. It has an aluminum frame body which is light in weight and can be easily moved from one place to another. The length of the bike is 18.5 inches. It has a powerful suspension fork with a maximum vertical travel limit of 6.5 centimeters. 29er zoom quality makes it a rough and tough bike and can be ride on any rough terrain. The handle bar (3.18 centimeter dia) and stem of this bike is made of alloy to make it most sturdy and prevent it from the rust. It contains efficient front disc brakes and pull brakes at rear to provide trouble free ride. It contains 21-speed gears with quick shifters by Shimano.

Light weight Aluminum frame bike; Shimano quick shifters with 21-speed; full suspension forks with 6.5 centimeters vertical travel; strong tires by CST Caballero; handle bar and stem made by Alloy material; pull brakes; copper coating on bike; length of bike is 18.5 inches; front disc brakes and rear pull type brakes; Padded comfortable seat; dimension of bike are 74 inches x 26 inches x 46 inches.
This world of ours is suffering with several major problems which are regarded as global environmental hazards. Awareness through media and governments has made people more enlightened about the problem and people are looking for greener solutions to their commuting needs. Other people simply want to look for better ways of enjoying themselves without the interference of electricity and modernization.
The Jeep Comanche 29er Mountain Bike is a standard lightweight bike that is a perfect option if you want to travel shorter or longer distances. It is also a good option if you want to ride on different terrains, weathers and climates. The Mountain Bike is an 18.5 inch bike made of an aluminum frame to ensure its light weight. It is also fitted with CST Caballero 2x 2.25 tires for a better handling and grip.
In order to optimize the ride experience; zoom 29er suspension fork has been installed with a suspension forks having 6.5 centimeters vertical travel; ideal for tough trails. The alloy handlebar and stem has been oversized to approximately 31.8 centimeters and braking has been improved due to the fixing of rear linear pull brake. A radius front disc brake has also helped in enhancing its braking ability; so do not worry about speeding to higher speeds if you want. A Shimano Tourney speed 21 shifters have been employed for the bike to make gear shifting much more effective and easier for riders.
Finally, all the respective features seamlessly come together into a beautiful bike which is perfect for riders of every level. As for the looks, the bike has an excellent copper finish coupled with satin. This bike is fully capable of providing you with comfort, speed and great abilities and all this at a really affordable price.

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