Kryptonite Standard Bicycle U-Lock

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The Kryptonite Standard Bicycle U-Lock offers a premium standard protection from theft when it comes to bicycle security. It comes with a four feet long looped kryptoflex cable for added protection. This lock is becoming very popular amongst bike lovers who value their bikes enough to have them secured with a quality device that offers peace of mind. The innovation behind this technology is from Michael Zane, an enthusiast and pioneer in security that has advanced his superb security solutions to other power hardware.


The Kryptonite Standard Bicycle U-Lock comes with the following features:

  • A thirteen millimetre toughened, high performance steel chain that is highly resistant to cutting, bending, or any other attack.
  • Sports a trademarked Bent foot design which offers a great value for high security and vital protection.
  • Features a cylinder that is drill resistant and difficult to pick which offers added security.
  • Utilizes the “I” styled two key system which is much easier to use.
  • For simple mounting on twenty five millimetres to eighty millimetres square, spherical or angular frame tubes, it utilizes the FlexFrame Bracket. It also offers a three hundred and sixty degree rotation to allow for a perfect fit and quick alignment with the geometry of any specific bike frame.


The Kryptonite Standard Bicycle U-Lock offers superb protection for your bike wherever you find yourself. It is very strong and the mounting system is very versatile. It looks pretty heavy and the cable that comes with it is very thick so you can be assured of your bike’s safety. There is a bit of complexity involved when it comes to fixing the flex bracket and there are not enough instructions on how to do this. The cable is not long enough to go around the complete bike.

The flex clamp is very unique, keeping the U-Lock out of the way and properly secured.

The U-lock comes with a concealed keyhole and by opening the black cover, you gain access to it. For people who have issues with the keys, ensure you fit it to go in all the way to make it work very well.

The Kryptonite Standard Bicycle U-Lock is a wonderful security solution that will give you peace of mind as it’s difficult to break or even pick. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having your bike protected without fear, then this product is a must buy.

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