Men’s ATD Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts

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The Men’s ATD Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts offers a very nice fit for cycling. These shorts are well tailored with their wonderful designs, which is perfect for long or short bike rides. They are made from dark coloured synthetic fabric materials that are easily washable from mud and dirt stains accumulated during biking.

The ATD bike short comes in two parts; an inner black pearl made from padded chamois for longer lasting and stronger ride and an outer part made from nylon with two pockets on the side with a Velcro closure for securing your possession while biking. It is also fitted with drawstring waistline.

The Men’s ATD Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts also offer superb performance on and off the bicycle. They come designed with a rugged texture to withstand exposure to dirt while sporting a casual look.

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The Men’s ATD Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts comes with the following features:

  • One hundred percent tough with four Ply Nylon Shell made with Tason
  • Comes with two Shorts in one for biking. An inner short sporting a nylon liner with absorbing properties. It is highly breathable thereby allowing water vapour and sweat evaporate from the body. The pad is abrasion resistant, smooth and wrinkle free. The second short has a baggy exterior and is padded internally.
  • Slack fitted with stretch nylon on back for a nice fit during cycling movement.
  • A seamless two side cargo pockets having velcro closing mechanism
  • High quality materials and fitting padded shorts.


The Men’s ATD Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts looks like your everyday shorts on the outside but the inside provides excellent comfort and support.

They offer one of the most durable biking shorts that are highly breathable, resists accumulation of sweats, tough and easily washable. The fabrics are long lasting and quick drying.

The short legs are a little too baggy but nonetheless it still delivers excellently. The Velcro pockets are properly positioned and come very handy when you want to keep some little things

One thing with the product is that the short legs are a bit too baggy as a somewhat stronger fit would have been more appropriate.

Overall, this bike short is a good addition to your biking costumes.

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