Mirrycle MTB Bicycle Mirror

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The Mountain bike Bicycle Mirror from Mirrycle gives a wide perspective of vehicles behind you, with the goal that you don’t need to turn your head as you ride your bike. It is constructed to fit mountain bicycle style handlebars, this three inches round mirror secures on the handlebar’s end in a matter of minutes with the included wrench. On account of its convex glass and rotating outline, the mirror offers a wide viewing perspective of the road behind you, so you can stay concentrated.


The Mountain bike Bicycle Mirror from Mirrycle comes with the following features:

  • A 3-inch round convex mirror giving a wide viewing field and fully adjustable to any angle.
  • Attaches the right and left side of the handlebars and constructed to offer comfort.
  • The mirror can be easily folded out of the way when riding on trails.
  • It is made from tough polycarbonate with brass and steel materials


The Mountain bike Bicycle Mirror from Mirrycle is the one of the best bicycle mirrors available in the market.

It fits well on bike handlebars and since it is flat, you may need to trade off a bit of comfort or turn your head a little so you can see behind you from the various angles.

The mirror sticks out a bit from the bicycle so that you can have a clear rear-view all the time. The drawback to this however, is that it makes it difficult to lean the bike on anything as the mirror stands in the way. Also, they are not aerodynamically designed. The mirror’s convex and covers a wide area, however, it doesn’t move very far so it’s never very far off from a good adjustment. The Mirrycycle mirror is very sturdy and stays in position quite well once set. But keep in mind that since it sticks out from the side, anything you do to stow or move, the bike will reposition to it. The convex mirror covers a very wide viewing area so it more or less offers a very good adjustment. Of the other mirror brands available, the Mountain Bicycle Mirror from Mirrycle offers good money value.

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