Mongoose Bike – Montana Mountain Bike for Men (Matte Orange)

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Mongoose Mens Montana Mountain Bike, Matte Orange, Medium

This Mongoose Montana bike has an aluminum frame which is light weight and durable for any mountain bike. This bike has the feature of pull linear brakes which gives an immediate halt when required. The alloy rims are reliable and prove sturdy on insensitive terrains. The bike comes in beautiful colors which make the rider and bike attractive and stylish. It has full suspension forks which increase the rider’s grip on the bike and help the rider in covering the bumps and unpaved trails. The bike contains Shimano rear gear (21 speeds) which can easily change the gears in any circumstances with swift shifters. Mongoose Montana bike is equally practical for both new comers and for the expert riders.

Sturdy aluminum frame bike; pull linear Brakes; full suspension forks; easy and swift SRAM shifters; Shimano rear (21 speeds); alloy rims; Padded seat; available in different sizes; dimensions of the bike are 8.3 inches x 26.8 inches x 52 inches; primary color is matte orange and black.
The Mongoose Montana Bike is especially designed to provide thrill and excitement to any category of the riders. It is the most affordable bike with such reasonable price. It provides unsurpassed performance in the mountains and other rough terrains. Riders can cover long distances without any break or disturbance due to the adjustable padded seat. The light weight aluminum frame makes it lighter and consequently speedy.
The rims of the bike are made of alloy which protects it from erosion and makes them sturdier for rough rides. The weight of the bike is just perfect as it makes the bike easy to handle and carry. The paddles of the bike can be adjusted as per the height of the rider. The chain of the bike does not slip and make the ride trouble free. The strong and non-slippery grips of the handlebars provide the riders a strong hold on the bike and they have ease while riding.
This Mongoose Montana bike is for sure an amazing bike. It is equally suitable for the students, workers and bike enthusiasts. The bike gives a smooth ride on wet and muddy areas.
The tires of the wheels are high pressure tires that provide stable and pro-speed ride on any terrain. All the components of the bike are genuine and of are of high quality which makes it a reliable bike. The primary color of the bike is matte orange which is attractive and eye catching. It is available in different sizes and colors. The bike is dispatched in a sealed box and it hardly takes 20 minutes to assemble it with the help of owner’s manual.

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