Mongoose Full Suspension Bicycle – Women’s Status 2.2

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Mongoose Full Suspension Bicycle – Womens Status 2.2

The Mongoose women’s status 2.2 bike is a beautifully colored bike with all the astonishing features you can think of. It gives an attractive and appealing look. The body of this bike is made up of Aluminum material which is considered as a perfect material for the light weight easily maneuverable bikes. It has a powerful suspension fork at the front side of the bike which makes it smooth during bumpy rides. The bike has a 21 speed Shimano rear gear with SRAM type twist shifters. This bike has a linear pull brake mechanism which provides an excellent stopping power even when the bike is in full speeds. The wheels are made up of alloy to prevent rust or corrosion while tires are of superior quality nylon to provide comfortable ride and grip over any terrain.

The bike is a full suspension bike; wheel’s size is 26 inches; aluminum metal frame; rear gear made of Shimano (21 speeds); SRAM quick shifters; Linear brakes; Alloy Wheels; Overall bike dimensions are 9 inches x 27 inches x 52 inches; nice purple color.
The status 2.2 women’s bike is a beautifully designed and flawless, high quality bike. It is the best choice for both the new comers and the experienced riders. It is a high quality bike with an Aluminum frame. Its geometry is so perfectly engineered that everyone can ride over it with the perfect ride experience. The handlebars are so nicely adjusted that the rider has a full control over it and does not get unbalanced at the bike. The full suspension of the bike make the rider feels comfortable and can ride on rough terrain and on the bumps without feeling any jiggling. It gives a stable base even through high steep and dangerous climbs.
It is the most economical bike from all the other bikes with plenty of modern features. It comes packed in a box, but anyone can assemble it with the help of owner’s manual. If a rider can’t install it properly, an ordinary bike shop near the house can fix it. Gears of the bike are made of Shimano which shift well and can adjust the speed accordingly without any hurdle or break. It is considered as the most superior bike in its class as its wheels are made of Alloy which prevents the bike from rust or corrosion and also lasts longer. A bike’s body and wheels are considered the prime selling points of the bike due to chief consideration given at them by the riders; and Status 2.2 – Mongoose Women’s bike has these things at its best.
Besides off road riding this bike can also be conveniently used as a means of transportation in city areas. Its adjustable seat is padded and is very comfortable. The easiness of the seat allows the rider to ride for the longer time without any stress.

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