Mongoose – Men’s Status 2.2; Full Suspension Bicycle with 26 inch Wheels

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Mongoose Mens Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle

This mountain bike is beautifully designed bike which comes in sparkling pearl black color. Mongoose men’s bike is made of light-weight Aluminum frame which is lighter in weight and hence makes the bike easily transferable. It is a full suspension bike which helps the rider in maintaining its balance on difficult terrains due to its geometrically sound design and responsive aluminum frame. Its 21 speed Shimano rear gear offers good acceleration with the combination of SRAM type twist shifters, which help in swift gear shifting. It also contains linear pull type brakes to provide crucial stoppage ability when needed. The rims or the wheels of the bike are made up of alloy which not only make them sturdy but also help them to not to stick to the mud and hence provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches which not only aids in good acceleration but also provide vital support in overcoming abnormal obstacles.

Light weight aluminum frame; Full front suspension forks; 21 speed of Shimano rear gear; SRAM type twist shifters; Linear type pull brakes; Wheels and rims are made of Alloy material; 26 inch diameter size wheels; overall dimensions of the bike are 8 inches x 27 inches x 53 inches; primary color is Pearl black.
Mongoose men’s bike is beautifully designed mountain bike equipped with all the premium quality biking features. This bike is an affordable and durable bike for any category of riders. The good point is that this bike is made up of an Aluminum which is lighter in weight and easily controllable by the riders on any terrain due to very good handling capabilities. The gears of the bike are so efficient that the rider can ride on any deceiving terrain and yet enjoying the ride. It doesn’t give any difficulty while riding for a longer distance or in populated places.
Mongoose men’s mountain bike can also be ridden in parks on a grassy and wet area. The alloy rims or the wheels don’t get stuck in the mud and hence gives a smooth ride on such difficult surfaces. It clearly passes the bumps and obstacle either small or large. The saddle of the bike is quite comfortable as it is padded quite decently. The material of the paddles is anti-slippery thus providing another comfort to the rider during the adventure rides. Additionally, a strong handle bar can take the beating of any terrain very easily.
Mongoose men’s bike is dispatched in a sealed box. But it takes few minutes to assemble the bike with the help of helping guide available in the box. For the first time after assembling the bike, all the components should be little greased, so that they can perform well for the longer time. With these qualities, this bike is no doubt a real value for money.

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