Mongoose Spectra Bike for Boys

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The Mongoose Spectra Bike for Boys is a power packed and high performance bicycle that comes manufactured for junior boys and its design portrays the spirit of adventure. It sports a unique paint scheme of black and yellow with the performance of a full suspension. The frame is fabricated from tough steel and the suspension fork offers absolute manoeuvrability and balance when taking on bumps and rough terrains, together with its well-built tires that ride tough and pomp. A twenty one speed gearing ensures boys will grind out the speed from this monster as they blaze through mountains in control. This is indeed a versatile bike as it can be utilized for take-along when camping, urban transport or just hitting the trails. Make your boy feel hip riding this stylishly built bicycle.


The Mongoose Spectra Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Comes designed as a high-performance mountain bike for boys
  • Twenty one speed gearing providing a wide variety of speed options as required by the rider.
  • Efficient and seamless gear changing operation.
  • Comes with powerful brakes that utilize the linear-pull technology for offering a coordinated and quick stopping force.
  • Fine manoeuvrability and balanced control achieved by front suspension system.
  • Sturdy twenty four inches tires that rides well on any surface.


The Mongoose Spectra Bike for Boys is an easy to assemble bike and offers great performance on any terrain. All the parts that make up this sleek machine works together in perfect synchronization to deliver riding experience boys will never forget.

For those looking for a way to put a smile on their boy’s face, or those looking for the perfect gift, getting this bicycle will surely be the perfect way to show them that you really love and care for them.

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