Mongoose Women’s Suspension Bike

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The Mongoose Women’s Suspension Bike is crafted with an aluminium frame offering light weight and durability. It also sports alloy rims in addition to twenty-one speeds for any kind of riding. It offers a high quality linear pull braking system that offers strong braking power and it’s constructed with a comfortable but athletic configuration when riding.


The Mongoose Women’s Suspension Bike comes equipped with the following features:

  • Full mongoose suspension frame made from quality aluminium material offering durability
  • Durable front suspension fork offering excellent shock absorbing features
  • Twenty-One speed of Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters for seamless gear shifting
  • Linear pull brakes for effective braking power
  • Sturdy Alloy wheels


The Mongoose Women’s Suspension Bike is an excellent bike offering nice and sturdy riding qualities. The bike does not come assembled in the box. You have to do the assembly yourself and unless you are a bike expert, it is highly recommended that you take it to a bicycle shop where they will put everything together nice and orderly and fix anything that needs attention.

The bicycle paint job is neat amazing while the color choices are awesome having a blend of magenta and purple; bringing a very feminine look to the bike nevertheless, it looks robust for a woman’s bike. It rides fantastic and the gears respond seamlessly without any hitch. The suspension fork performs its functions well when riding through bumpy terrain, just riding in the park or just jumping on a pavement. The seat is small but offers an average comfortable ride; however you can get a larger seat if you feel this won’t do for you.

On the flip side, the downside to this nice bicycle would be the gears as they are kind of tough to shift and the pedals are made of cheap plastic. With this bike, you will get real value for your money as the performance is above average; the front suspension fork which absorbs shocks does its job very well and works effectively. The bicycle is also light weight due to its aluminium frame and this improves the handling; a very important factor considering the bike is meant for women.

The Mongoose Women’s Suspension Bike comes highly recommended for its price, nice colours, good quality and great handling.

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