Pacific Chromium Mountain Bike for Boys

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The Pacific Chromium Mountain Bike for Boys is a tough and very fast bicycle that can be safely ridden on different types of terrain. It comes manufactured with a unique design that offers large tires (twenty six inches) which provides superb stability while offering a sporty and comfortable riding experience.

The handling of the bike is swift and is supported with a sturdy suspension fork that is crafted from steel to provide optimum performance and luxury as it works to absorb the shocks that arise from riding on rough terrains. The twist shifters perform their job perfectly and the six speed rear derailleur offers simple gear shifting. It also incorporate a linear pull brake made from steel for accurate braking power and a wide range of gear selection is available via a three piece mountain bike crank.


The Pacific Chromium Mountain Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • A powerful suspension frame fabricated from steel that offers optimum performance and luxury.
  • A sturdy suspension fork designed to withstand and smoothen out even the roughest of bumps with ease without compromising rider’s control.
  • A six speed twist shifter and rear derailleur utilizing a torque drive to enable a fast and seamless shifting of gears. Derailleur.
  • Provides a wider range of gear selection made possible by a durable three piece mountain crank.
  • Comes with a fantastic red paint scheme offering a beautiful exterior finish.


The Pacific Chromium Mountain Bike for Boys is an awesome bicycle for junior boys that offer durability, quality handling and a large wheel for a very unforgettable riding experience.

Putting the price in consideration, the bike comes with a lot of specifications that all delivers well without any problem. This makes the bike a superb option when considering a bike for a young rider.

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