Pump Me Up Mini Bike Pump

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The Pump Me Up Mini Bike Pump is a lightweight, portable and sturdy mini pump available and one of the most essential bicycle gear you’ll ever buy  for the following reasons:

It utilize a high quality aluminium amalgam so you get a very tough however lightest bicycle pump

It’s compact size and mounting unit implies it can fit seamlessly on your bicycle outline under your water bottle enclosure or can be effortlessly conveyed in a bicycle pack.

It incorporates a Velcro Strap to safely secure the pump in place.

Impeccable fit for tire valves – good with Schrader and Presta Valves – quickly change the pump head thereby eliminating the need to carry an extra or connectors.

The mini bike pump is not difficult to operate, greatly proficient and an impeccable fit on your tires.


The Pump Me Up Mini Bike Pump comes with the following features:

  • Due to its Aluminium alloy construction, this bicycle pump offers durability and you will have the capacity to manage a flat tire regardless of where you are.
  • The Mini Bike Pump for Tires is practically weightless and to a great degree portable so you can affix it to your bicycle frame with the mounting kit included and keep it in your bicycle sack or simply carry the pump in a little pack.
  • One Hundred PSI capacity implies you can utilize this pump to inflate your bicycle tire from flat in any emergency situation and repair, or simply utilize it to maintain your tire pressure, when you  have a long ride.
  • Clear & simple to take follow directions with easy configuration to change the head of the pump for either Presta or Schroeder valve stems are messaged out to each client and you can likewise find the guidelines on the merchant’s official Geared2u site. Experts outline incorporates compatibility for either Schrader or Presta tire valves, meaning it will work regardless of what kind of tires you use. It also incorporates an integral dust plug that cleans the pump’s head.


This bike pump is such a great product. The pump is very effective and suitable for all bikes types. The size of the pump is another good feature and it is made out of aluminium thereby making it light.

The mini in size bike pump incorporates a good air flow push system for a small sized pump. On the box the air pressure is rated at one hundred psi. The mini pump comes with a bike attachment that attaches seamlessly any part of the bike due to its small size and one extra bonus is that it comes with an air needle so you can also use it to inflate a soccer ball -or any other ball that needs a needle.
If you are looking for a high quality mini bike pump then this one comes recommended.

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