Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem

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712pM7Q0r-L._SL1200_ The Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem offers the perfect solution to matching your seat post and face bar. This product is manufactured from durable and tough 6061 grade aluminium and comes with added strength and it is super resistant to fatigue. This is due to its construction which utilizes shot peened and forged engineering technology. A clamp with four bolts is responsible for holding the bar in place and safeguards it from uncontrolled movement due to torque from the biker or feedback from trails.


The Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem comes with the following features:

  • Fabricated from a shot peened and forged aluminium material to offer a resilient, strong and durable face ride.
  • Comes with a face plate that is secured with four bolts to even distribution of stress.
  • Allowance of six degrees to enable adjustment of the height of the handle bar to suit the preference of the rider.
  • Light weight at one hundred and seventy grams


The Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem is a very tough, durable and strong product that meets your expectations and offers twice as much, a value compared to the price. The stem attaches easily to seat posts and installation is pretty straight forward without any hassles. The mounting bolt that comes with it is very strong and provides a secure and safe mounting option for the stem to attaches to wherever it is needed. It is designed to replace a one hundred and ten millimetres for the stem of the race face. The construction technique for the frame is superb as the forged aluminium is very tough yet light weight making it very adaptable without putting additional weight and stress on the bicycle. This product offers great versatility for an awesome product. In terms of sturdiness, weight and durability, the Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem offers a great mounting option without compromising key qualities that makes it comes recommended to every biker and at an inexpensive value for real quality.

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