Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand for 2 Bikes

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Storage space for bikes has always been a lingering problem with limited options on how to effectively keep them from taking valuable spaces. The Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand for 2 bikes steps in this regard to offer a better space saving solution helping you to easily carve out organized and safe places for the family to use. It offers you the perfect choice of secure and safely store two bicycles thereby preventing them from scratching or tipping over your car or other valuables. The stand is floor mounted and is designed for bikes to be attached in the same plane or different plane as you spacing consideration dictates. This stand hugs your bike safely and keeps the tires perfectly either underneath, on the side or in front to prevent it from falling. The bottom mount for the stand comes with feet made from resin to keep the stand firm while protecting your floor.


The Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand for 2 Bikes comes with the following features:

  • Bike stand that rests securely and safely on the floor.
  • Can accommodate two bikes on a single rack in opposite or same directions.
  • Manufactured from steel impregnated with epoxy for durability.
  • Lightweight at thirteen pounds for easier moving and repositioning.
  • Rack will not accommodate bikes with very wide or large tires.
  • Mounting base attached with feet made of resin for protection to the floor.


The Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand doe 2 Bikes is an amazing solution to creating spaces for storage. It is durable and installation is pretty straightforward if you follow the accompanying instructions. It is heavy and solidly built to be tough in order to take the weight of the bikes. You can place the stand anywhere that’s not contoured and fixing the bike shouldn’t be a problem. It takes up limited amount of space and you can align the bikes to face the same direction if you want. Be careful with sizing as bikes with large tires will not fit into the rack so you need to know the proper size before ordering.

You can now have your bike hung on this rack and stowed in your garage instead of leaving them outside exposed to harsh weather because of space.

The Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand for 2 Bikes is the best solution for you space saving problem and investing in getting one is really worth it

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