RAD Cycle Heavy Duty Bike Hoist

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If you always have the problem of a cluttered garage, you can easily solve this by hoisting your bicycles overhead with the RAD Cycle Heavy Duty Bike Hoist thereby freeing up much needed space. This hoist is capable of lifting heavy bikes as it is fitted with pulleys that have smooth surfaces and latches to accomplish this. It comes with a mechanism that firmly secures the rope in place to prevent accidental release.  It can hold one bicycle weighing at most one hundred pounds and comes with a warranty from RAD Cycle.


The RAD Cycle Heavy Duty Bike Hoist comes with the following features:

  • Sturdy and high load bearing hooks with an innovative rubber covering material that guard against scratching the bike during hoisting operations.
  • It incorporates a very reliable engineering technology that enables bikes weighing up one hundred pounds to be lifted with relative ease.
  • It can be attached securely unto ceilings as high as twelve feet.
  • Comes with a mechanism that safely holds the rope in place to guard against accidental release
  • Utilizes a rope that is very thick for added strength and safe holding.



Hoist has a simple efficient design and is relatively easy to install. It also is very sturdy and doesn’t need to be supported or anchored to the wall. It definitely trumps suspending the bikes from a hook attached to the ceiling.  The horizontal storage frees up more space than vertical (hook suspension type) storage would. However, a few issues with this product might be encountered.  The screws that come with it are quite weak, thus drilling them into a two by four starts to tear off the screw head. This problem is very easily solved by getting strong regular wood screws which are not very expensive to get. Notwithstanding, this product is an incredible bargain at its current price, and solves a major bike-lovers’ problem.

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