Reaction Silver Ridge Se Mountain Bike

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The Reaction Silver Ridge Se Mountain Bike is a high quality bike designed for the leisure biker. It is constructed from a tough steel material that provides a sturdy build to take on trails with ease. It comes with a front suspension allowing for fifty millimetres for riding bumps easily without compromising rider’s comfort.  A twenty one speed gearing together with SRAM grip-shift styled shifters powers this machine to enable a fast and seamless gear changes for any situation. The tires are tough and are well treaded for superb traction in diverse road and weather conditions.


The Reaction Silver Ridge Se Mountain Bike comes with the following features:

  • A durable steel frame designed to be lightweight for easy controllability.
  • Comes with a twenty one speed gearing paired with Shifters to offer fast and seamless changing of gears
  • Front suspension fork with fifty millimetres travel allowance to absorb shock with ease.
  • Utilizes the SRAM MRX with grip-shift for superb operation.
  • Well-treaded tires offering decent traction on any road surface.


The Reaction Silver Ridge Se Mountain Bike is a decent bike that offers a nice riding experience. It is easy to install straight from the box and rides well. The tires offer good traction and are massive thereby covering more distance with each pedalling.

The shifters works well offering a seamless way of connecting the twenty one speeds as required.

Overall, this bike is recommended for entry level bikers to the world of trail and mountain biking. It has all the features you need to successfully and safely navigate your way around at an affordable price.

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