RokForm Ultra Light Pro Series Aluminum Bike Mount

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The RokForm Ultra-Light Pro Series Aluminium Bike Mount is designed to offer protective casing to smart phones allowing you to carry them along for rides. Its built to be super light from a durable aluminium material and it attaches really firm to bike mounts giving the assurance that they will stay fixed and not come off irrespective of how bumpy the ride is. It utilizes a retention system that has dual locks operated by a magnetic tool kit and a mount that utilizes the RokLock technology. This configuration ensures your device is fastely secured and safe. Additionally, it incorporates a lanyered wrist that adds an extra level of protectiom and is easily removable.

This product is the ultimate in protection when it comes to case mount for bikes. It is sleek, stylish, tough and designed with special attention to quality.

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The RokForm Ultra-Light Pro Series Aluminium Bike Mount comes with the following features:

  • Attaches easily to any type of bike that allows for mounting on steering tubes that are threadless.
  • Constructed from a billet 6061 model aluminum alloy that is designed to be light weight and weights just sixty four grams.
  • Utilizes a weather guard from RokSack and a magnetising kit for added support and protection.
  • Viewing angle can be adjusted for 55 to -20 degrees to offer better operation of your phone even in sunlight while riding.


With this mount, it is virtually difficult for your device to detach as the lanyard allows for additional protection thereby increasing the margin for safety.

The bracket for mounting is superbly crafted to be beautiful and phones are well cuddled within the holder while providing adequate fit clearance. The casing for the phone and the mount are both aligned with a magnetising technique which ensures everything is firmly held in place. The casing is constructed from a plastic that is rigid.

Generally this whole product is a well thought piece of amazing technology and the only negative is that the casing does not take much impact if it is dropped as the energy is transmitted to your device.

This device comes recommended if you need a mount for your smart phones to take along with you.

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