Satechi Bikemate Slim Case 3 for Mobile Phones

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The Satechi Bikemate Slim Case 3 for Mobile Phones offers a very secured and durable holder for GPS devices, mobile phones, or any other appropriate handheld devices. It offers a tough support attachment making it easy to operate touch screen operated devices. The holder can be attached in such a way as to provide views in both portrait or landscape mode. It has openings in the bottom and top to allow for cables to be passed easily. It offers a flexible solution and you can now go on rides with your gadgets with you secured safely and protected from damage.


The Satechi Bikemate Slim Case 3 for Mobile Phones comes with the following features:

  • Sturdy mount for bikes that attaches securely and stays in place without any shake while on the go. Holds firm to allow for touch screen operation comfortably.
  • A tight bag made from Foamex that comes bundled with the mount and acts to safe–guard your attached gadget from dust thereby keeping it very neat.
  • The material is made from a water proof double layered transparent film designed to be compatible with pressure sensitive and electronic touch screens.
  • Compatible with various models of five inches hand held devices such as phones, portable music players and GPS devices.


The Satechi Bikemate Slim Case 3 for Mobile Phones provides a superb solution for mounting of GPS, phones or other devices that needs a solid attachment. It provides protection from small flying debris, minor puddle splashes and dripping sweats. It sports a simple and unique design by utilizing straps of zip ties and a mount made from rubber to prevent damaging your bike’s frame while providing firm support. The holder does not affect the responsiveness of your touchscreen devices as it responds well to touch without any interference. One thing to note is that the position of mounted devices is in a flat plane and not inclined on an angle. This makes it hard for you to see your device display properly especially if you are sitting straight on the seat as reflected light falls on it making it blury. If you ride with your back bent, then you can see the display clearly.

The Setachi casing offers a very good solution for riders who like to pack gadgets to use on the go as it provides a firm support and flexible functions.

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