Schwinn Men’s High Timber Mountain Bike

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Schwinn Mens High Timber Mountain Bike

With a stunning color scheme of black and blue, this is a perfectly decent bike for men. It is a Schwinn mountain bike with a strong frame to provide a durable ride. It has a full suspension forks with Sun tour to provide a strong hold on the bike during any bumpy ride. The suspension forks keep the bike balanced on rough terrains. It has a Shimano gears system with 21 speeds that contains quick shifters (SRAM Grip Shift type). These shifters change the gears easily and quickly without any interruption. The brakes of the bike are made of alloy material to provide superb braking power and prevent them from rust. It has a comfortable saddle with a padded seat which provides comfort to the riders.

Schwinn mountain frame; 26 inch wheel size; full suspension forks by Sun tour; quick shifters with SRAM; Shimano rear gear with maximum speed of 21; efficient brakes made by alloy material; adjustable padded seat; kickstand; available in different frame sizes; primary color is blue and black.
The Schwinn High Timber 26 inches Mountain Bike is a splendid addition to the long list of Schwinn bikes. These Men’s bicycles are designed to be strong and able to tread over long and tough distances. Whether it is snow, rain, sunny, dry or humid weather; this bike will not force you to stop under any circumstances.
Bicycles have always been popular among the people since its inception back in the middle ages. It was largely used around the globe as a machine for travelling distances and also for carrying certain specific amounts of luggage. All this now seems a long time ago, rapid industrialization and mechanization has curtailed the usage of bikes but they are still popular among the masses as a form exercise, sport and leisure.
Schwinn, a German manufacturer of bicycles, has been a terrific bike maker and had dominated this industry for a long time. It has come up with a number of amazing bikes for its customers and continues to impress with every new addition. This 26 inches bike has been equipped with astounding capability of handling so that you never get to complain about your ride.
Unlike certain bikes, the design of this bike has also been tailor made to give you the most comfortable ride of your life. It has been furnished with a new mountain frame that has a SR Sun tour suspension fork fitted so that the rider can have more control over the bike’s maneuvers. It also includes SRAM Grip shift shifters with 21-speed rear derailleur so that you can change gears swiftly. The Bike has linear pull type brakes for effective stopping and an adjustable saddle for people of different heights and ages. This ride will surely be one to remember and keep for a long time.

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