Schwinn Network Hybrid Bicycle for Men

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The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bicycle for Men comes with style and elegance and is designed to meet the riding needs of bikers seeking out short commutes or leisure rides. It comes manufactured with hybrid frame crafted using high quality aluminium from Schwinn and a suspension fork that takes on bumps with ease, also manufactured by Schwinn. It sports a twenty one speed EZ –Fire gear shifters and a derailleur positioned at the rear, all from Shimano and works in tandem to provide seamless and accurate gearing changes. The alloy wheels are high profile built to be tough and lightweight while the powerful brakes employ the linear pull technology to achieve fast braking.


The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bicycle for Men with the following features:

  • A Hybrid frame constructed using high quality aluminium from Schwinn
  • Sturdy suspension fork that offers excellent shock absorbing properties
  • Twenty one speed derailleur located at the rear together with an EZ Fire gear shifters all from Shimano
  • Tough and lightweight alloy rims that comes with a quick release at the front.
  • Seat post that is well suspended and padded for added comfort.
  • Handlebar with swept back design to allow for precise seating position during rides.
  • Seat: padded seat with suspension seat post helps provide a soft ride
  • Brakes utilizing the linear pull technology for an efficient and quick stopping force.


The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bicycle for Men is a superb leisurely bike that offers positive control and rides great. It ships partially assembled out of the box and comes with all the tools needed to couple everything up yourself. The instructions in the accompanying booklet are detailed and easy to follow.

It comes with direct pull braking system for the front and rear wheels which delivers well and a quick release is utilized by the frontal wheel. Make sure a fifty to seventy five psi pressure is maintained in the tires to enable it run smoothly.

The seats are wide and well-padded which offers a comfort ride plus they are easily adjusted together with the handlebars- which utilizes a swept back design, to enable change the seating height for correct posture and balance.

All in all, this bicycle is not meant for hard core biking and will not take the punishment of a trail or mountainous experience. If leisure rides around town is all you will ever do, then this bicycle will surely meet that demand.

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