Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension

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Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike is a particularly designed off road bike to give an amazing ride experience to serious bikers on rough and tough surfaces and terrains. This mountain bike is laden with superior features; like the feature of lightweight aluminum body which is not only a lighter material but also give the bike a nice and beautiful look. Aluminum frame also provide extreme strength to the bike and reduces the fatigue of rider by making it easily handle-able. Powerful wheels equipped with front disc brakes make the stop virtually anywhere exceptionally smooth and convenient. Efficient suspension forks are added by competent designers to provide ease in ride during both high and low speed rides. High quality alloy rims performs well on the most intricate trails. Beautifully designed covers wrap the MTB handlebars not only give it a stylish look but also offer a strong grip to the rider. Padded seat provides maximum comfort and safety to the rider during any bumpy rides. The high pressure wheels are capable of taking care of the bike and the rider on any harsh terrain. The rear suspension triangle of the bike is made up of steel which protects the bike from any damage during any off road flips.


Protocol 1.0 Bike has an aluminum suspension body frame; Shifters are Shimano EF-50 triggers; Suspensions are Suntour Fork; MTB handlebar with grasping support covers and bolted stem; Front Disc Brakes with maximum hold; Alloy material rims and bladed spokes; rear triangle suspension is made up of steel; padded comfortable seat.
This mountain bike is an exceedingly good and affordable bike loaded with various high-end off road bike features. This bike can be reliably used on paved trails, concrete roads, streets, dirt road or any harsh terrain by both beginners and professionals. It provides such a great ride on any terrain that riders require less effort to cover the long distance and feels very less fatigue. It is beautifully designed and its looks and features quickly catch the eye and your willingness to own it.
The sturdiness of the bike allow riders to challenge its strength and durability on any rough terrain; yet its ride is so convenient and pleasant that anyone can use it for leisure ride or even weight loss. Primarily being an off road bike, it may sometimes face a little performance problems in riding; whenever this happens, just perform a little tuning at home. Brakes and paddles should be tightened when they get loose or after a long time usage. After doing this little effort the bike will perform as good as it is new. The bike is delivered in a box with all the items categorized properly along with easy to follow owner manual, therefore it can be assembled by anyone very easily.

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