Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Black/Grey Color)

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Cycle with peace of mind and stay safe with the Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet for adults.

The Thrasher is very comfortable to wear in any weather.  Flow vents are integrated into the helmet to provide cooling for the head; and to keep you dry, we have inbuilt moisture-wicking pads.

The helmet includes an easy-to-adjust webbing with dual Fit adjustable design that enables a secure fit. The sun visor helps keep you in the shade. You can’t help but simply love it.


The Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet has the following specifications:

  • Weighing just 0.5kg, it is light weight and won’t exert much pressure on the head thus good for longer use.
  • Integrated flow vents evenly spaced for air cooling
  • Moisture wick pads for absorbing moisture.
  • Good quality visor to keep sun out thereby providing increased shade.
  • Easy to use adjustable system to accommodate varying head size.
  • Comfortable webbing to cushion the head.
  • Comes in two colours of Black and Grey


The Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet is an affordable yet durable helmet for adults. It can be used in diverse weather conditions and perfectly suitable for both professional and fun cyclists. It is aerodynamically shaped to reduce drag, and designed for both male and female cyclists.

It feels like plastic but still sturdy enough to protect the head from even a hard fall. Some other reviewers have even tested it in real crash situations and it has performed well. The helmet is CPSC approved with built in safety functionality and designed to meet the highest quality.

For a cheap helmet, the aesthetics are quite appealing, especially with the sun visor. Though, bike helmets are not designed to make people look awesome but at least it doesn’t look too dopey.

The inside is easily adjustable and the internal webbing feels soft and comfortable. It is small enough to fit into a travel bag.

The exterior shell which is made of plastic does not fix well to the foam as it sits snugly inside. A good glue adhesive will fix it but there is every probability that it may develop problems after years of use. The plastic pin that attaches the visor to the helmet does not stay in place and may even break off if not handled with care.
Generally, the helmet still offers a great buy and come recommended for serious cyclists.

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