Shimano EF-51 Shifter/Brake Lever Combination

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The Shimano EF-51 Shifter/Brake Lever Combination offers a tailored combo for making braking and shifting a coordinated process to allow for an easy biking experience. The shifter part is compatible with most seven speed gearing units sporting three piece crankset while the brake part is compatible with systems using the V-brakes. It offers a replacement solution for bikes using a separate shifting system for the gears and braking lever. It comes with an easily readable indicator for gear operations and the simplicity in usage is second to none. All components are made by Shimano and they are sold together as a single unit.


The Shimano EF-51 Shifter/Brake Lever Combination comes with the following features:

  • A seamless combination of brake levers and gear shiffters that work perfectly together as a single unit.
  • Compatible with bikes utilizing the V-braking systems and a seven speed gearing system.
  • Compatible with bikes using a three piece crank set.
  • Has an indicator that displays gearing operations and it’s easy to use


The Shimano EF-51 Shifter/Brake Lever Combination offers a low cost solution to provide a single unit of brake and gearing systems designed to work perfectly. Installation is super easy and they come bundled with essential cables needed to get the job done. All you need to do is to attach the brake cables to the end of the lever and pass the cables for the gearing system through the frame of the bicycle and route it to the shifting mechanism. If you are confused on how to set this up, you can get videos on YouTube that will show you how it’s done.

After installation, you need to carry out a little adjustment to the rear derailleur for proper response. This combination offers a smooth and coordinated shifting and braking experience without any problems. The fact that they are manufactured by Shimano speaks a lot about the quality and durability.

Overall they offer a good value and if you are thinking of replacing your gearing and braking system, then this is the product for you.

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