Shimano Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes for Men

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For a price tag under one hundred dollars, the Shimano Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes for Men delivers excellent durability, a well refined fitting system that is power packed. It can be paired with the SPD pedals to deliver a cost saving solution that will perform well for any purpose. This shoe utilizes the volume plus technology that makes them expand around the toe and ball area of the foot to enable it accomodate bikers with wider feet while ensuring stability and comfort is not compromised. Security is provided for the perfect fit by utilizing three straps of Velcro which are in an offset position thereby eradicating unnecessary pressure and squeezing.

The Velcro system is much better than the buckle that utilizes a ratcheting system in the area of weight as Velcro straps are not bulky. The sole of these shoes are made from polyamide that is reinforced with fibre glass but still provides enough flexibility to allow for a comfortable walk on any road surface, whether rough or smooth. The top part is tailored with tough synthetic leather that is resistant to stretching and it allows for ample breath ability during rides on hot days. It comes in black color and different range of sizes.


The Shimano Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes for Men comes with the following features:

  • A top material made from synthetic leather that is resistantant to stretching and provides enough ventilation for breathability.
  • Sole is fabricated from a high quality polyamide material impregnated with fibre glass for adequate flexing.
  • Utilizes Velcro straps to allow for a better fit
  • Adapts the volume plus technology to accomodate wider foot without compromising comfort and a stable ride or walk.


The Shimano Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes for Men are made from a tough synthetic material that offers superb flexing and durability. It accomodates the bending of the midfoot and toe area very easily without any pain. The Velcro straps does a good job for adjusting to get a tighter and perfect fit while the volume plus technology incorporates in the shoe functions as designed.

If you think of attaching cleats to these shoes, then the Shimano SH65 set of cleats would fit well as they clip in quicker and they are comfortable to walk in. For pedals, go with the Shimano M540 which offers low profile and less weight. When combined with the cleats, they provide an amazing biking experience.

This product is worth investing in if you are looking for a dual purpose shoes that can perform well as bike shoes at the same time comfortable to walk around with.

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