Stowabike Folding Mountain Bike – Dual Suspension and 26 inches Wheel

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Stowabike Folding Mountain Bike – Dual Suspension and 26 inches Wheel

A beautifully designed bike made up of steel. The astonishing feature in this bike is that it has a foldable frame which makes it easy to park anywhere in the garage or house while saving precious space; and also convenient to carry while shifting. It contains dual suspension 26 inches suspension forks made up of steel which controls the balance of the bike. The bike has a padded seat so it is very easy and comfortable. The shock and rims of the bike are made of alloy and are very sturdy. It comes in various sizes to fulfill the requirement of a range of customers. The tires are tough and especially designed to provide support at high speeds or rough terrains. The overall dimensions of the bike are: length 39 inches, width 35 inches and height 23.5 inches. It has Rear Derailleur of Shimano (RD-TZ 50) while front Derailleur of Saigun (QD-23a).

List Price: $139.99 USD
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This bike has a steel frame body; full suspension fork (zoom steel); rims and shocks are made up of alloy; padded seat; Shimano rear gear (18 speed); quick shifters; incredible speed and handling; steel handlebars; available in different sizes; primary color is silver and black.
This bike is a perfect standard bike and contains awesome features. Overall make of the bike is very attractive and sporty. Its broad frame design gives a stunning look and gives it a sturdy designer gaze. The plus point which is not common in the bikes world is that its frame is foldable from the centre of the bike. This folding frame reduces the size of the bike to half after folding, which not only makes it convenient to store it at any place in the house but also helps in moving it from one place to another. Furthermore, this folding bike can be easily placed in the back of the car. And the plus point is that this folding ability of the bike does not cause any mechanical hurdle or failure while riding, even at most bumpiest terrains. Overall performance of the bike on mountains and zigzag paths is perfect. The steel handlebars provide a solid and strong grip on bike. It is equally suitable for both beginner and expert riders.
The bike has a very comfortable and adjustable seat to conform to the needs of riders. The paddles are strong and the feet easily adjust in between them. This bike, no doubt, really serves its purpose either a commuter or an off roader. The gear and brakes of the bike perform quite well and riders don’t find any problem dealing with them in any terrain. This bike is most economical with all the high quality features. If any time a small fault occurs, a booklet comes along the bike to help the rider fix the problem. It is delivered in a box in which all the accessories and parts are carefully packed.

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