The Bike Book: Passion, Lifestyle, Design (English, German and French Edition)

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This awesome and informative book chronicles the technology and uniqueness of bikes in a detailed and easy to understand way. Its two hundred and twenty two pages are filled with information on the different types of bike you can you can ever think of, designed by various selections of manufacturers from around the globe. It is written in three different languages; English, German and French.


This book comes a bit pricey and detail in pictures, a collection of over three hundred, studio shot photographs of numerous bicycles and arranged to form chapters. It contains mostly, custom model and low-production high end bicycles which are given a two page spread with about two to four pictures on a large full-sized page having short descriptions of not more than three sentences listing the country of manufacture, gearing information, brake and frame construction material as well as information on weight.

This book also has the most documented collection of bamboo/wood bikes that are currently available and also the biggest album of ebikes.

The book is well sectioned into categories that display different bikes according to their function and also details various accessories, gadgets and gears made from different materials, creative shaping and technology.

Bike aficionados and others with huge interest in the design and style of some of the environmental friendly ways of transportation should definitely get this book.  It comes written in French, German and English. The photographs are large and clear, sized at 12.5 inches by 10 inches. Each displayed bicycle however does not come with review of users.

Definitely, this is the largest collection of stunning photographs of bikes ever catalogued.

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