The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible (Paperback Version)

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This 368 paged book comes with excellent instructions to assist bikers utilize their experience to the best and also help to reduce problems of all nature that may be encountered as a professional and casual biker. Authored by Joe Friel, an expert with methods that have been proven on this issue, the book offers a well-organized training guide with solid background and reference to science and is designed to reach out to the individual biker.

This Mountain Biker’s Book will empower bikers to:

  • Create an efficient, thorough and well organized training plan
  • More efficiently train themselves
  • Effectively become a self-coach
  • Enhance their performance via good nutrition, proper exercises involving stretches and strength building, endurance training as well as keeping records to monitor progress.
  • Utilize scientific methods to set goals that are realistic for training and have a superb understanding the science behind mountain biking.


This book on Mountain Biking written by Joe Friel, a Master’s degree holder in the science of exercise, offers the secret to the success of everything you need know about mountain biking.

It covers in details issues regarding nutrition, teaching you the proper dieting plan for effective functioning of your body. Using scientific methods, it helps you examine your flaws and strengths and develop a training plan around it that consists of a peak period, base period, race period and build period.

The book’s contents ranges from a personal, empirical/self-evaluative methods to performance based, and scientific result oriented methods. Pre-visualization, techniques involved in projection and an efficient means of how to count miles is well explained in this book.

This is a very brilliant reference for bikers who want to take their game seriously, to learn how to become a fitter, stronger and more professional in their approach to biking.

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